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The Wonderful Wingbacks! How to Incorporate These Modern Classics into Your Home

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Wingbacks are timeless pieces that bring back thoughts of an old draughty English library or a lounge room with a fireplace. Dating back to the 17th century, wingback chairs are no delicate creatures. They are one of the most iconic furniture designs that compliment any existing décor.  

With a design that has lasted for centuries, a wingback chair is guaranteed to bring a little bit of traditional flair to your home. Striking, handsome and sensible, modern winged wonders are bound to bring a distinguished design element to your home. Here's how you can introduce a wingback into your home.

Dining duos!

Want to mix things up in the dining room? A pair of wingback chairs, one at the head and the other at the foot of the table, makes the perfect duo for elevating your dining room. Grouping the new and the old styles together can be more interesting to the eye and make a room seem wider.

Festive Foyer

A wingback chair warms up the usually awkward and difficult to furnish empty space at the base of a foyer staircase. The wingback chair signals a cosy, comfy home and provides a useful spot on which to perch while putting on your shoes or taking them off after a long day.

Cosy up your fireplace

Sometimes you just can't improve on perfection. There is no reason you can't use wingback chairs as they were originally intended: franking hearths.

No piece of furniture beats the wingback chair when it comes to making a room feel warm and cosy. Including a pair of wingbacks in front of a working fireplace helps draw the space together. Also, if your fireplace doesn't work, you can draw attention to a well-designed furniture by flanking it with a pair of wingback chairs.

Lend drama to your bedroom

There is something about wingback chairs that is eye catching and screams boudoir. You can create a lounge area in the corner of your bedroom as a spot to curl up with a good book or to put on your shoes. You can achieve a luxurious look with your wingbacks by pairing them with a high-quality run-your-toes-through-it rug and unique light fixtures.

Doubled up in Your living room

 A matching pair of classic wingbacks makes a distinct design statement when placed side by side as an alternative to a sofa. You can style simply with a pair of matching pillows and a side table to further drive the point home.

Even though the wingback chair design is hundreds of years old, today's designer wingback chairs have less confining wings and include a wide range of fabric. Try them today to give your home a more transitional feel!