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How to Prolong the Service Life of Your Bedroom Wardrobe

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Many people may opt to buy standalone bedroom wardrobes because they aren't sure how long they will stay in a home before moving to another house. However, some of those people may discover that they have to buy another wardrobe because the current one has aged sooner than they had expected. This article discusses some helpful tips that you can implement in order to avoid incurring the cost of buying another wooden bedroom wardrobe a few years after you installed the current one.

Leave a Gap Behind It

You should never push your bedroom wardrobe against the wall. Wood can expand or change shape if it is subjected to frequent temperature and humidity changes. Leaving no gap behind the wardrobe can trap moisture there. A gap allows air to circulate freely so that the wood will have uniform temperature and humidity around it.

Protect the Wardrobe from Light

Direct sunlight can cause wood to age and change colour. It is therefore helpful to protect your bedroom wardrobe from direct sunlight. Otherwise, the side that is exposed to that light will develop a colour that is different from the sides that aren't exposed to the same magnitude of sunlight. Furthermore, exposure to sunlight can also cause the wardrobe to dry out and contract on the side that is in the path of the sunlight. Use drapes or curtains to keep sunlight away from the wardrobe.

Keep HVAC Components Away

You should never install a space heater or an air conditioner close to your wooden bedroom wardrobe. Heat sources can quickly dry out the wood, and it may warp. Similarly, air conditioners can cause some parts of the wooden wardrobe to be cooler than the other parts. The wardrobe may become misshapen due to this difference in ambient temperature. Keeping air conditioners away from the wardrobe ensures that all parts of that wardrobe will remain at the same temperature.

Secure the Wardrobe

Some tall wardrobes may need to be secured onto the wall in order to stabilise it. Use the devices provided by the manufacturer for this purpose so that the wardrobe doesn't accidentally tip over when the loads inside it shift. Try to secure the wardrobe without totally eliminating the gap that you had left between the wardrobe and the wall. Your wardrobe will last for long without any signs of wear if you implement the suggestions above. You should also adhere to any other instructions that are given to you when you purchase that bedroom wardrobe.

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